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Coastal Island Tour

THE authentic Florida experience! Take a guided kayaking trip with dolphins, manatees, and the most qualified guides!
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$45/child (under 12)

*plus tax

Includes guide service, all gear and equipment.

Reservations Required

Daily @ 9:00

TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence 2015-2016-2017-2018

What will we see?

This is the tour that people write home about! Each tour is a completely unique experience, filled with loads of opportunities to get a peek into the ways and wonders of life on the coast. In this beautiful corner of the world, we often see Bottlenose Dolphins and Florida Manatees – sometimes as soon as we’ve left the dock, but usually our guides need to seek them out. Nothing compares to seeing these friendly creatures in their natural habitat and being in kayaks right on the water with them is an experience of a lifetime! As always, our guides are very respectful of the wildlife, and in turn, manatees and dolphins are usually very relaxed around our small group of paddlers, letting us watch and learn from them as they go about their busy (and fun) day.

In the spring and summer months, manatees are a common sight (if you know where to look!) and are often curious enough to swim over and investigate our kayaks. If we are lucky, we might even spot a mating herd – a group of males trying to swoon a female – and get to see these normally docile mammals at their liveliest. Dolphins are the most charismatic of the animal kingdom and will occasionally put on a spectacular show for us as they jump out of the water, play games with each other like tag and “mullet smacking”. The fun doesn’t stop with the manatees and dolphins though… we are always on the lookout for smaller, but sometimes even more fascinating creatures like fishes, sea horses, sea stars, conchs, and crabs, along with an enormous diversity of birds.

The Coastal Island Tour is perfect for paddlers of all skill levels, abilities, and paddling experience. A lesson is provided at the beginning of each tour so that all are comfortable, safe, and happy on the water. First-time paddlers are always welcome! Our equipment is top-of-the line and our tours are always kept to a maximum of 10 paddlers (larger groups can easily be accommodated upon request). There are full restrooms, an outdoor hot-water shower, and plenty of parking at the meet-up location.

Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours

Difficulty:  Easy to moderate

Location:  We launch tours from several locations on Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key, depending on the conditions and wildlife trending at each area. Each place has its own special quality and we pride ourselves on knowing each of them very well!. Click here for a list of our places of departure.

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