Sunset Kayak Tour

Sunset Kayak Tour

From $75 / person

Watching the sun sink into the sea is one of the most memorable experiences imaginable… and what better place to enjoy the view than from your own tiny, private, floating island! The Sunset Kayak Tour is truly a spectacular experience, offering unobstructed views of the vast, unending palette of purples, pinks, reds, and oranges that paint the famous Florida Gulf Coast sunsets. On especially clear evenings, you might even see the elusive green flash as the sun makes its final salutation.

What to expect...

While the setting sun is the main draw of this tour, wildlife viewing is always on our agenda! As the world gets ready for it’s nightly snooze, Bottlenose Dolphins, Florida Manatees, and a variety of birds often come out to say goodnight. Our guides are careful not to disturb the natural behaviors of manatees and dolphins that we may see on the tour. By giving them space and knowing exactly how to read their activities, our tour groups are often rewarded with breathtaking wildlife encounters.


This excursion is Ideal for friends, families, and couples seeking a unique and unforgettable paddling experience. We take excellent care of our paddlers – all necessary paddling and safety equipment is included with the tour, along with dry bags for your camera, phone, keys, etc. A lesson is provided at the beginning of each tour so that all are comfortable, safe, and happy on the water. First-time paddlers are always welcome! Our equipment is top-of-the line and our Sunset Kayak Tours are always kept to a maximum of 8 paddlers (larger groups can be accommodated upon request). There are full restrooms, an outdoor hot-water shower, and plenty of parking at the meet-up location.

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