Coastal Island Tour

Coastal Island Tour

Kayak with Manatees, Dolphins, and Birds.

From $65 / person

This kayak tour has been our most popular kayak tour for the past 10 years!! Manatees, dolphins, birds, and a huge variety of marine critters are the highlights of this kayak tour and our expert guides know just where to spot them. Each Coastal Island Tour is a completely unique experience, filled with loads of opportunities to get a peek into the ways and wonders of life in the coastal waters between Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key.

We are the only kayak tour outfitter with exclusive access to the spectacular, clear waters between Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key, so there are no huge crowds to contend with. What makes our paddling site at Longboat Pass so special is that it is a major wildlife gathering area where manatees, dolphins, and other marine animals make regular movements between the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay. Rated as the #1 most popular kayak tour on Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island, this kayak tour is consistently reviewed as an absolutely unforgettable adventure! If kayaking with manatees and dolphins is on your bucket list, this is the kayak tour for you!

the most popular kayak tour on the islands

This is the most popular kayak tour for good reason. In this beautiful corner of the world, we often see Bottlenose Dolphins and Florida Manatees, sometimes as soon as we’ve left our dock. Nothing compares to seeing these friendly creatures in their natural habitat and being in a kayak right on the water with them – it is an experience of a lifetime. As always, our guides are very respectful of any wildlife they encounter while on the tour. In turn, manatees and dolphins are usually very relaxed around our small group of paddlers, letting us watch and learn from them as they go about their busy (and fun) day.

What to expect

This is often called the manatee kayak tour because in the spring and summer months, manatees are a common sight if you know where to look. Manatees are often curious enough to swim over and investigate our kayaks. If we’re lucky, we might even spot a mating herd – a group of males trying to swoon a female. This is when we get to see these gentle animals at their liveliest.

Kayaking with dolphins is another favorite on the Coastal Island Tour. Dolphins will occasionally put on a spectacular show for us! On especially happy days, they might jump out of the water and play some of their favorite games with each other (like “mullet smacking”).

The fun doesn’t stop with the manatees and dolphins though. We are always on the lookout for smaller, but sometimes even more fascinating creatures. Animals like sea horses, sea stars, conchs, crabs, fishes and birds add so much color to this trip!

Tour Details

This excursion is perfect for families, couples, groups, and individuals with any level of paddling experience. First-time paddlers are always welcome. A lesson is provided at the beginning of each tour so that all are comfortable, safe, and happy on the water. All necessary paddling and safety equipment is included with the tour, along with dry bags for your camera, phone, keys, etc. Our equipment is top-of-the line and our tours are always kept to a maximum of 10 paddlers. Larger groups can easily be accommodated upon request. There are full restrooms, an outdoor hot-water shower, and plenty of parking at the meet-up location.

$10 discount for each child under the age of 12

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